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Before we get into how to get an apartment after you've been evicted, let's define what an eviction is. A notice to vacate is not necessarily an eviction. Even a letter saying they are going to evict you is not necessarily an eviction. An eviction is a legal process that involves the constable delivering paperwork, a court date and a judgment against you. Before you read the rest of this article, you might consider having a conversation with the Austin Tenant's Council to confirm if you were truly 'evicted' or if you just have a broken lease.

That said, apartments for people with evictions are very difficult to find. Most apartment managers look at rental history even more closely than other qualifying criteria to tell them whether or not you are a qualified tenant. In a landlords eyes, an eviction means that a previous landlord had to go through court to forcibly remove you from their property. It is an expensive and lengthy process no landlord wants to go through so they view evictions very harshly.

So back to the original question, how do you find eviction friendly apartments? Start with an apartment locator. A limited number of apartment don't check rental history, while others consider certain portions of your rental history more strongly than others. Very few will consider the 'story' behind your eviction. You also have to remember that since an eviction is a judgment against you, it could also show up on your public record.

Accepting evictions isn't something apartment complexes typically advertise, so the only way to know which ones might work with your situation without dropping a lot of money on application fees is to work with a qualified apartment locator. Working within the Austin apartment market on a daily basis ffor over a decade, our apartment locators have insights into the apartment management companies that you won't find in any ad.

If you give us a call at 512-318-2504 or fill out the apartment search form on this page and we will start your free custom apartment search today. In the mean time, here are a few tips regarding renting after you've been evicted:

The age of the eviction matters.

The longer it has been, the better.

Your rental history since the eviction matters.

If you have had some positive rental history since the eviction, that is a big plus.

Your story doesn't matter

Not as much as the two above at least. Very few apartments care to hear your side of the story, so it is unlikely to help you rent.

Deposits and fees will almost always be necessary.

The thing to learn from this is that rebuilding a positive rental history is critical to your future ability to rent and that eviction should absolutely be avoided if at all possible. Since most evictions arise out of an inability to pay rent, remember that rent is your most important bill, and should always be paid first.

If you are in the position to rent an apartment after an eviction, call us at 512-318-2504. Eviction friendly apartments are hard to find, but if it's out there, we will find it!

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